GoldenSession_KathyRayPhotography-196Hire Paul Golden MD to Speak at Your Event

Paul Golden MD is an author and renowned speaker. Paul’s heartfelt story of his experiences with bipolar disease touches and inspires audiences. People who have been diagnosed with bipolar disease and their loved ones, friends, caregivers, physicians and associates have been receptive and exhilarated.

Many people with bipolar disease and their loved ones have expressed a public stigma often associated with this disease. Paul’s presentation commonly sparks a fervor of discussions with and among people who have felt timid or even ashamed to discuss this condition.

“Hello Dr. Golden,
I’d really like to thank you for participating in our school’s Day of Respect. Your book is a good, clear reference book from which I learned some new things, which is saying something since it is by no means the first book I’ve read on the subject!”  – Lynn Waddell

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